Friday, July 3, 2009

this is my confession

i'm confused. i've been avoiding you for the longest time. not like you don't know me. please. stop showing that you don't know me. you know me and my character very very well. I fucking hate the feeling of coincidence already.
well, because i was didnt notice, i didn't realise the so called "coincidence" but thinking back, does coincidence exceeds 5 times a week?
okay. imagine this: you see him 6 times in 6 days.
what is his intention? i don't know.
maybe it's stupid for me feel that way. but it's over. If things are so easy, i will not be a women. i am a man.
enough is enough. if you understand that fucking sms.
i know you read in a daily basis. please dont ignore this. i wasted alot of energy typing this out. dont waste my effort.

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