Wednesday, April 22, 2009


whether is true, or whether is fake. i have no eye see. i am really tired of listening to those shits. not once. but hearing stuff like that since i was young, it hurt real bad. i really don't know what does it feel like a happy family anymore.
thoughts like this keep running to my mind. 'is it true? or it is just plain bullshit. will they really divorce? well i dont know. probably i will avoid stepping in the house also. it feels like shit. the feeling of loosing a family is real bad. i don't know.
why didn't they even think of my feelings before getting into an arguement? and since young that is what they do most. argue. i hate this kind of life. i want a happy family. but i guess, it will never happen in mine.

i just don't know. i give up..

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