Wednesday, April 1, 2009


i've always thought that i have lots of time. at least for myself. but not anymore. more and more things are piling up... in a blink of eye, its already April. i missed staying with a lot of people. i miss sayaka.
i felt a sense of disparity. i feel OLD. sigh.

an old old picture of me and ingay.
in another 10 years, my wrinkle will grow.. OMG. i need to stop it. sigh.

talking bout sick. i am not recover from that flu/cough. and that day while i was reading, and i had the urge to sneeze. i pressed on my nose hoping that the sneeze could go away. when i let go, omg. there is this yellow liquid flowing down un-continuously. it's not like mucous, its watery. so i thought it was normal. and when i asked my friend the other day, she told me i might be sick for too long and maybe that is the pre-stage of pneumonia. like wtf. so i googled it.

and i clicked on the yahoo answers. it says it's brain fluid. it totaly freaked me out. so i checked again. many sources say it's sinus infection or
upper respiratory infection. well, i don't know. will probably see whether it comes back or not.

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