Thursday, February 19, 2009


i've made up my mind. new bunch of people, new bunch of friends. not that my current ones are not good enough. just that i knew something that i am not suppose to know. and i am hurt to death. to that person that is my life support when i am down, when i made my biggest mistake of my life. i thought that nothing will ever break that relationship of ours. we went through up and downs in our life. i seriously thought that one day when time comes, we will be attending our weddings together. and still hang out after that. maybe let our kid play together also.

everyone is changing. changing to another person whom i cant recognise anymore. it is not just another tedious disatisfaction. but this time. i really mean it. i really feel it from the bottom of my heart.

i dont know should i just help or should i just let it be. i think i am helpless.
but in another hand, i am glad. glad that i've come to this point. new people, new life. i will try not to let this bother me anymore and probably do what is suppose to be done.

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