Sunday, December 7, 2008


i've finally finishing one month of full time job. full time is alot more tiring than part time. though im always late. i am so busy. so tired. my skin condition is very very bad. because of the rise of stress, i didnt have time to watch movie, except for astro on demand. lol

because im working, i am addicted with online shopping. lol. excited. and i just fully bling my phone with sworaski crystal. of course it is more bling in real life. that was the unready product of it.
it took me 4 hours to bling that cover above. and roughly another 5 hours to bling the front, side and back.
i bought like so many crystal. but satisfy with the end product. lol.

anyways. tomorrow is a public holiday. and i am so damn happy! *jumps up and down with pride?* lol

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