Tuesday, November 25, 2008

take it easy

it's been so long. so long since we last talked. we last smile at each other. no doubt i was waiting for this to happen. trying to not think about it, doing more things to get myself immune, but it's not easy... i am so proud of myself that i've finally did it, i finally stand up and be my true self. i like that feeling. those times that i were waiting, looking at my cellphone ten thousand times waiting for that call, those times when i stared at stuff and think deeply, and it is all over. i was once young and naive. i thought i would wait for a better tomorrow. so much after that happened, i finally realsied that it's not so easy, it's more than what it is. thinking of what happened before made me afraid of falling again. i need something more secure, something more precious than my family and my friends. life isnt just about this. i love this free feeling now, this feeling where i can do whatever i want, spending time with my family, rather than thinking of ways to deal with shits. what i felt since i last met you is, you are one good friend, and not more than that. because i love my family and friends more than anything. =)

since what happened, i've never felt so confident, so free, so true. and that changed me... to a mroe mature, more understanding, a new person!

even my leg looks nicer now! lol

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