Thursday, October 30, 2008

tongue piercings.

this morning after my test i asked mom...
me: mom, i think i dont want to get a tattoo anymore. i want to get my tongue pierced.
mom: WHAT???!
me: i wana pierce my tongue!

mom: u crazy ah? u know how dangerous it is or not? after it poke through one of your nerve and you cannot talk properly. and then cannot taste your food and blablabla.

and so, i am still tempted. got a few comments from my friends just now. which some say it will be fine, some say that i will look slutty, some say that i will not be sweet anymore.

but tattoo, i haven't have a sufficient guts to pull myself in the tattoo shop and endure the pain and worst still the healing process... thus, i will not do it this birthday. maybe next. lol but i'll try persuade mom to let me do my tongue and maybe just stop there? we'll see.

and finally, i finished my econs test. like in a hurry. because i was talking the whole 45 minutes to finish one question. and i started from the essay part. and left me with 30 minutes doing the MCQ questions. and i thought it was 50 question. but no, it was 20 only. i rushed like mad and at the last page i thought my question paper has error. i read the instruction and realized that it was only 20 question. and recheck my paper tenthousand times. luckily i was safe and sound. and tomorrow, powerpoint. i always hated this subject. because it was too easy but hard in a way. i need to be so precise in answering that damn question. which i'm not. and so, i have to start studying the remaining chapter and try my best tomorrow. another 2 days of exams to change with 2 months of long holiday. which i will be working. sad.

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