Sunday, October 12, 2008

hot yoga.

people that knows me well should know i just came out of fitness first and joined true fitness. not that fitness first is not good. but we are there for four years. classes are getting lesser and lesser. for all this while we were there because of Bernard, the funky line dance instructor. his class is superb. it always leave a smile on my face after that. since me and my mom switched to true fitness, things changed. in fitness first, i used to only do dance class and weights. but here, i started accepting yoga again. and it's hot yoga. this hot yoga really can do miracles. you go in half dead, you come out completely wet but fully energized. it will heat the room to 30 to 35 degrees if im not mistaken. it will let you stretch more and drain toxic out of your body.

before i joined the class, i hated yoga. because i cannot reach. and as i join more and more classes, i obtained maximum satisfaction. those sweat, the right posture and a good night sleep. now, i join hot yoga at least twice a week. and i think i am getting addicted to this class. during that one hour period, it may be suffering, but its really worth it.

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