Sunday, August 24, 2008

what i learned till today

i find that life is like a roller coaster. sometimes up and sometimes down. since, young, i am taken care of very well. i get everything i want. my parents love me a lot as i can see. but on the other hand, my mom was a strict person. she don't really allow me to go out during my school days. and being the person who cant stand being controlled, i always wanted to go over her rules. and breaking her heart was normal. that was my teenage years. i was rebellious. not a good girl. i love doing things my way and don't follow orders. i know i could study. but i didn't try my best. at then, my mind is always wandering around thinking where to go out. then, as thing gone worst, i started thinking my way. i wanted everything my way. its not good. i know. at that point, i sort of gone through a teenage crisis. i don't know why i am living here. i don't know what i want in life, what i need and who to please. at a point, i even want to give up everything. somehow or rather, i got up from my dream and know that life is not easy. i don't always have such great friends or family to help me always. i need to get up and face the world myself and not relying on people to wake me up. today, i cant tell that i am good. but at least, i have aim, i know what i want and most important, i love myself. being who i am now, i regretted not obeying my parents, not being a good person. i regretted for all my mistake i did. if time can turn back, i would change myself. i would want to be a better person. but i know, time will not turn back. the least i could do is to be a better person in future and don't make the same mistake again.

to all the people who were there for al my craps, i love you. and thanks for being with me.

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