Friday, August 15, 2008


finals, buhbye! finally i can have a god night sleep without thinking of tomorrow's exam! i can go out and smell the fresh air outside... go for facial, sleep and play harder. i look like, a zombie now. even dad said so last night. he ask if i did not sleep. i laugh..

before i even finish my exam, i've already planned my first one week. LOL. firstly, sleep till my eye bags recover. then, saturday night, coco banana. take my own sweet time to recover, then Monday, shopping time to recover my almost dead cells. tuesday, go to mom's shop for work, and do my retreat. jacuzzi and body massage with facial.. ah... then, buy cake for yao yao. and Wednesday, no plans yet. suppose to go Singapore. but then its yao yao's birthday. so i stay back. and will be going to Singapore on thursday or Friday and be back by Sunday. and will be free the second week of my holiday. but then, in the other hand, i'm either going to penang, or bangkok. depends on where my mom wants to go. Singapore, here i come! Paulaner, wait for me, i will go there and taste you, feel you and experience you... again. haha

i want to thank my mother, my father, my sister, my brother, my grandmother, my grandfather, myself, my friends..,ahaha syndrome of getting crazy.

omgomgomgomg iamsohappythaticanfly! finalsisover,icantbeleiveit. itsover!!!