Monday, July 21, 2008


i hate mondays. friday is nice. i am happy today. a happy happy girl. i wanted to write about it. but its too personal. but hell, i'm so happy! also, the xenadrine effect has long gone. mayb i should add dosage. oh, for those who dont know what is xenadrine, its a supplement from GNC. it is to increase metabolic rate, strength and stuff. the first time taking it, i felt my heart is gonna pop out, dizzy, nausea. and also, its addictive. if i stop my xenadrine, i feel frustrated, emotional and stuff. its bad... i know. but i really miss those first day feeling. and one thing i hate about xenadrine is it made me sweat like no tomorrow. in the lift, the car, the air-cond room. i suppose that is increasing metabolic rate? i dont know. time to sleep now. nights!

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