Friday, June 27, 2008

last night

i couldn't get an answer. wtf...
i went to Barcelona finally! its been so long since i want to go there. but no one wants to go there. so, we, yau, sayaka, me, and Marcus went to Barcelona. and met up with joshua, arwin and may. and so we went in at 10.30. ya, i know, so early right. we chill for 15 minutes till the crowd start getting bigger and bigger. and me and sayaka were walking around. and we saw jing li. its been so long since we last met each other. then we saw rachael and her friend. last night, was incredible. i met rachael, jing li, peggy, may, vshen, vhan and few more nice people that i really cant recall their names. and the first time i enter and come out a club without that emotional feeling. and all of them don't beleive that i was single for so long. and when we got ready and all, we danced. we got so hyper, we sang along, we danced like no tomorrow and we were so happy. and suddenly, lights on! mpsj raid. and we sort of calm down a bit and sat down and drink. and went back home around 2. today, feeling goggy and hyper. overall, i enjoyed last night very much! nothing is more than the friendship between us! i miss all my secondary school friends la!

in every beginning of a relationship, its always sweet. but some is different. in my perception, holding a relationship is like a rubber band. if u pull it too hard, one day, if it cant stand anymore, it will break into two. but if you do nothing, its doing nothing to the rubber band, there are so many use of the rubber band, but you just keep it in somewhere and not touching it. in a relationship, if you push too hard, one day one party will not be able to take the tension and that relationship will die off. if you dont do anything to it, its wasting time. I'm sure that someone will appreciate that person better.

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