Tuesday, May 20, 2008


yea, i walked 18km. cause it's wesak day. since i have a catholic father and Buddhist mother, and being the only child of the family. i normally separate my body into both religion. every sunday, i have to go to church. and when mom wants to go for puja or see rimpoche, i have to follow.

but today was different. cause it was wesak day. all this while, mom is not the strong buddhist. she will only go there if something is on. wesak day is usually a shopping day for us. but this year, since my cousins are staying at my place. they suddenly have the urge to walk. at that time, i didn't know it was bloody 18km. i thought, the most 3km. and i followed them. when i heard of the 18km, i want to faint. but, i walked through it! from brickfields to dataran merdeka, to jalan TAR, back to brickfields. i think la. as i remembered, that is how far we walked. in 3 hours. took alot of photos during the walk. but, i was too lazy to transfer those pictures to the computer! i regretted not bringing the dslr.. sigh. after walking so many km, we ate our dinner at 10 something. was drop dead tired and hungry then, now, too full to sleep.

though i'm not a buddhist, i made a wish.. =p


Vayfern said...

This is a funny entry! Anyway, congratulations to be able to complete the 18km walk.

deedee said...

thanks! heehee.