Wednesday, April 2, 2008


this week can be some exam week already. but at least better than last week. Wednesday can actually be better than any other day since i don't have class on Friday already. but today, i have 2 different subject test back to back. it scare the freak out of me. and as usual, i studied the very last minute. first test, marketing... though i like this subject, but i hate the test. the English is so bombastic! the test already made me damn stress.. plus the bombastic English, it made me even hard to understand.. anyways, i got an average 13 out of 20. second test, accounting. its an ok subject to me. i have no accounting base and mr Siew being a good accounting lecturer actually teaches step by step making me ok with accounting. and the only thing that will confuse me is the double entries... however, i hope i did well la. i don't know my marks yet.. and this is making me even more nervous.. Friday, another marketing test. i just don't understand why Maztini love Friday so much! my only off day on weekdays... but its destroyed. why? because it is 2-4. not early and not late. i cant go anywhere with that timetable. finals is coming... and i am getting more and more nervous! its 40% eh... and that decides my destiny... so far, i only got one coursework mark.. 48.1 over 60, moral... is it ok? i don't know. and my sucky accounting assignment.. 6.25, second highest in the class but i still think its not enough... why mr siew is so kiam siap eh..

signing off... have to study for finals... =p

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