Wednesday, April 9, 2008

missing those days

today, i went to pasar malam with dad to get some vegetable. actually to skip gym. =p and i met two person that i never met in a while.. first, puan heng, my secondary school teacher. although she doesnt teach me, the reason i am close to her is because i am close to elyn at that time.. then she became my mom's customer. but, i never seen her before. then as dad is buying popiah for mom, i went to get something to drink, wan theng... haven't met her so long already.. cant imagine i met her in... pasar malam. haha. this make me miss secondary... while i was in secondary, i want to get out of that school so much.. i want to go to college asap.. but when i came into college, then only i realize that secondary is the best time of my life..

i miss my friends, my teacher, the basketball court, the smelly toilet, the library, the lab... the everything... and most of all, i miss pn. chong's nagging... seafield is the best la!!

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