Sunday, March 30, 2008

i am so furious

what is with those kids nowadays. i just cant understand. condamning and destroying their teacher's reputation. teacher lauyanyan was my primary school teacher. at first, i know her as a fierce teacher and always as us to check this and that in the dictionary. and when days go by, she earned my respect. she teaches us with care and love and never give up on us although we were the not so good class in lick hung. and in upsr, i had a shock as i got an a for my mandarin composition which i did quite bad in exams. with her guidance and teaching, made me here today, and she is the teacher i respect most till now. and this bastard child actually accuse her.. *click* go read it. this 12 years old guy, named pornman which lived only 12 years of his life is a real disappointment to lick hung. is either his parents which is useless or they don't even teach him. having such son will put me in disgrace. and after writing those harsh things about my beloved teacher, he is actually happy? what kind of animal he is.. completely heartless...

teacher lau yan yan, if you are reading this, go on... dont let this useless felow out you down. he is not worth.. we all know you are the best. and we love you alot!

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