Sunday, February 24, 2008

step up 2

since joining the gym, dancing became one of my interest.. and I've always love to watch dance movies.. even my dream job, when nescafe kickstart once asked me to fill a form somewhere last year is to be a choreographer. the first dance show i watched is honey. i have the dvd and i swear... although I've watched it gazillion times, i would never get bored of it. why dancing? like everyone's favorite thing to do.. when dancing, i feel like myself.. i feel free and it reduces my stress. and i really hope i can dance better and better ad fulfill my dream one day. and so.. i watched step up 2 today with mom and dad. because the cinema is so damn full, we were forced to sit at the first row. and came out with a stiff neck.. LOL at the beginning, i thought that it was a boring show, but the show gets better and better.. and when looking at andie dance, it make me wana dance. and i really wana watch that again.. anyone up for step up 2?

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