Thursday, February 28, 2008

sha sha

dear sha sha,
i so miss you la!!! those were the carefree days... sigh... i miss those days going to your class chit chatting.. i miss those days where me you and sayaka came over my house to learn maths.. but ended up talking, eating or msn-ing.. haha. i miss those days planning to mpt. i miss those days where you calm me down when i'm angry.. and i also miss those days going art class together! basically... i miss everything bout you, sha sha! sorry for what i've done. and i owe you an apology. and i seriously went through the wrong path of route late last year.. without the support of you guys, i will not even be able to stand up again.. thanks for being a such good friend... i really appreciated it.

my darn good friend!!
us going to mid valley via train... and it was my first time taking the train..

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