Tuesday, February 12, 2008

chinese new year

a time that all the family member gather together, talking, gossiping, gambling and playing... kids at all ages played their heart out and adults talk till the sun set. the day before the first day of chinese new year, chap goh mei.. a family reunion dinner. because daddy is not a chinese, we went back to moms place. and because the family is big... the uncle which carries the surname eats with grandfather. and us, ate in the living hall instead.

the first day of chinese new year, a day for ang pao! but its only half day for us.. we spend 5 pm swimming everyday... maybe not all. but me and jerry.. =p resulting that i didnt put on weight but lost weight instead. so happy! and on friday or saturday, cant remember the days, aunt vivien treated us dinner! so nice. but i am sick.. i only managed to drink soups. the buddha jump over the wall.. my family is not small.. but is enough for all. one per person eh. then shark fin soup. not the cheap fake ones. basically is nice. but i am sick and couldn't eat. so i stuck to the soups.

my connection is driving me crazy... will update pictures tommorrow! photos from dslr is not transfered to pc yet.. =p

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