Saturday, January 26, 2008

miracle actually happen.

its not so miracle after all. me, bathing my nicky, which is tremendously smelly. =) stupid maid which never take time to comb his hair and dry him up. because he is so smelly, i had to bath him! hahaha actually, my maid got shoo-ed off and was replaced with a new maid.. anna in the wonderland, according to yao. and i have to teach her this and that. wth.. this morning afternoon, when i woke up, i taught her how to use the washing machine. then open the gas stove... wtf right then bath nicky!! damn she dont even dare to touch my nicky... which is so damn small. grr.. and so... i created a miracle... i bathed nicky! he is so cute, that when he got into the water, he was so afraid that she shiver. maybe i am too scarry and yet, i was all wet and shampooing nicky is not easy at all. with him moving all around scared to be wet, i had too hold him and shampoo him as well. in the end, he is clean, but i am dirty... grr...

besides that.. haha. i washed toilet... first time though.. but i think its clean... haha


Jason TAN said...

u wash the barbie's house toilet mah

deedee said...

woot... real toilet la... its so clean that i dont wana dirty it... i went to take bath in my parents toilet instead.. =P