Wednesday, January 2, 2008

in 2007...

2008 is here and 2007 had passed so fast. last january is just like yesterday.

what i've done in 2007..
  1. wasted my time the first few months
  2. been serious in a relationship
  3. went into diploma in architectural technology
  4. speed more than 130km/h
  5. been into an accident
  6. made mom and dad upset
  7. had a personal trainer
  8. had a wonderful birthday
  9. got a new phone
  10. wasted tonnes of money
  11. blogged
  12. received two bouquet of flowers, one from roy and another one from sim
  13. enroll as a student in inti
i guess that is what i've done in 2007? hopefully 2008 will be better!


Jason TAN said...

dee, my advice, dun change coll too much. stick to it although diff unless really hopeless. but inti shd be ok

deedee said...

i think i am hopeless in archi.. sigh