Wednesday, January 9, 2008


suffering from boredom and lack of cash. yes.. lack of cash.. new year, new semester, new books = money. no money, even bored. after a week in inti college, i still cant get use to it... the low quality room, the not so presentable space.. and maybe the study hours.. been so lonely alone at starbucks today and luckily li jen and yee mei dropped by. if not... i think i'll drown by the women's weekly and the caramel frappuccino. had so much of accounts drilled in my head today with mr soo and apparently, i sort of understand. maybe the way Americans study is different from the English.

my timetable
10-12 marketing
12-2 moral
2-4 college algebra

8-10 management
12-2 accountings

12-2 marketing

8-10 management
12-2 accountings
2-4 college algebra

8-9 moral

basically, its ok... but i hate tues and thurs the most.. not the waking up early part. the 2 hours break part. friends are having another class, and alone wandering ss15. sigh...


Jason TAN said...


what major r u in?

Jason TAN said...

dee, how do u do the cross across the words? wat is the command?

deedee said...

dual major.. major in marketing and management. strike through? this thing enable with html wan la... i msn u la..

Jason TAN said...

thks, got it