Tuesday, January 15, 2008

basketball club and us currency

ok.. I've not been playing basketball for quite some times... but the thing is, i love this sports very much. although I've not been playing, but i couldn't stop looking at the ball when someone is playing ball. mom doesn't like me playing basketball as she is afraid that i get darker and darker.. she is a beautician.. of course she don't want me to get dark. today, as i was walking out of inti, there was this guy who persuaded me to join the inti basketball club as i am wearing my ex school's jersey. without thinking further, i wrote my name and details.. and, i can say that, its my happiest day till now. remembered when i last hold the ball, bouncing it. it is just plain pleasure. and the sweat dripping down my face. its definitely worth it. basically, i hate running and prefer doing weights. but, in the court, i love to run, and do whatever it takes to score a goal. remember once, when i was injured during secondary. when i was just in form 2, i got hit by someone, and till now, my neck, my shoulder and all still hurts after taking too much weight. but to me, it is really worth it...

us currency dropped!!! finally.. although its not a good sign.. but when mr rezy, my management lecturer told us just now, i actually hope that it will drop drop drop till 2? and wait till i finish my degree and masters in u.s. and buy lots and lots and lots of clothes... and shop till i cant feel my legs anymore. anyway, if i was in us now, i think i started my shopping already... but 3 more long years, only will be the time where i will land in the land of opportunities. hopefully, mom change her mind and i get to go there in 2 years time.. =) anxiously waiting!!!


:: Nicole :: said...

nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! sigh.. russ is having a pay cut now :(

deedee said...

hehe. it will raise back for sure. but i think it takes time..