Wednesday, December 19, 2007


so... yes, i went for holidays... finally.. i think i under estimate singapore! i mean i brought a such small bag and packing up has been a hard time. anyway, me and my mom took a coach to singapore, and, gosh.. aeroline is such a nice coach... and reached there around 12, later than what i've expected. chit chat with aunt abby, and went to bed already.. the next morning, when aaron said denise jie jie... wake up! wake up! for ten thousand times, i got my butt up and went for a bath and hit to orchard with mom and aunt abby.. leaving the mens at home... ad usual... and we reached orchard at 1. which was quite late already! and started shopping...!! and due to the luck of ours, the shopping malls are on extended shopping hours and we shopped till 11. by the time we reached home, it was already 11.30.. our legs are tearing apart, our hands are red, due to carrying shopping bags and we are so tired! because of this one day shopping spree, we had our lunch at 3, and had a light desert dinner and blisters on our foot. the next day, as usual.. shopping, but this time, from 10 to almost 10 at night... wonderful huh.. and we spent a lot this time.. i didnt manage to take any photos as i wouldnt want to be carrying the dslr and shopping all round orchard.. but its a really nice holiday.. and it really makes me happy seeing all the things i bought.. i think that is the main differences between man and women.. =)

and talking about the sales in singapore, its really awesome, i think i will list down the places that is on sales and what cought my eye!
mango, Massimo Dutti, guess *remember the Swarovski crystal jeans, its S$ 136 less 50%* tangs is on sales, max &co 30% store wide, giordano with 45% store wide, bebe, fcuk.. i can barely remember anymore.. i think shopping makes everyone happy! and i was talking to dad just now about something that made me went speechless.
me: daddy, do u know that shopping actually make me burn calories?
dad: ya.. so what are you going to imply?
me: nothing... just telling you!
dad: if it works, that will be the most expansive way to loose weight! and i think you are hinting me for more money!
me: ...*speechless*

and after a few second, i burst out laughing cause daddy actually reads my mind! =)

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:: Nicole :: said...

wow! i can't wait to go back to sg to shop as well! :P

vivo city here i come!! hahahaha!

ps: post pics of what u bought la..