Friday, December 7, 2007

mummy daddy

found a photo album in the study room the other day. what caught my attention?


that is me. of course when i'm young. although i cant really remember what am i doing or what am i thinking. but, one thing i know for sure, is that i have no worries and i am a happy go lucky person. been taken care very well by my parents. when i grew older, more and more love and care is given to me. as a demanding daughter, i can get what i want. and when daddy scold me, he will give me something in return after a few days. and when i want something, "daddy, this bag nice. you see so many compartments, see, i wear.. waa.. so nice." and so, daddy will say ok la. go pay. till now, i feel so rebellious. after so much love and care poured down on me, yet, i still don't appreciate. and when i look back on what my parents gave me, i feel guilty. guess that's me. and when ian talk to me the other day, he reminded me that how much my mom and dad did for me. and being a such useless daughter, i did nothing but quarrel with daddy... i may be strong or what so ever but i am nothing without my parents. and now, i dont know how to talk to my father already. he is always a world best father to me. why? he always run to get the car when it's raining, cause he don't want to get me wet. he don't really scold me, only feel upset. he will wait for me no matter how long i take. he drives me around. he spends time with me whenever he is free. after what mistake i did, he still take me as the world best daughter. but in the other hand, my mom is not weak too! and for all the goos thing they did for me, they are my world bestest parents!

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