Monday, November 5, 2007

the connection between klia and beef noodle

went to klia for interior behavioral studies capturing and videoing assignment. and because i was too lazy to drive there from pd, i asked dad to fetch me there on satureday morning. and guess what.. i was early.. hehe. then pampered dad with his favorite beef noodle... damn nice lor.. and dad started to tell us about the history of the beef noodle.. how the beef noodle increased its price from 80 cent to 5 bucks. and how he pass the cemmetry while ponteng-ing school just to eat the beef noodle.. i guess, we both did not spend quality time with each other for quite some time.. yesterday was the day we were together spending quality time together.. and gosh... i LOVE daddy a lot... but obviously, i love mummy too..

in klia
sayaka... seducing ronald mcdonald?? buahaha
daddy eagerly waiting for his beef noodle.. hansome right?
the beef noodle.. but i changed to chicken..
a pic before we slept. =)

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