Wednesday, October 10, 2007


update! went to pwtc the other day and while the traffic is so darn bad, i cam whored. that was it. wearing my basketball jersey with a pair of jeans. i don't think wearing basketball jersey is wrong ler. but why..? people look at me one kind.

funny meh?

then on tuesday me and sayaka went to swenson. thought that maybe we can have ice creams. but tuesday is earthquake day. it means, 50% off on eatrhquake. we paused for a moment. 8 scoops of ice creams for that price. ok wat.. but we will definitely wont finish. so we ordered ice cream and fries.

the yummy fries..

then went to fitness first. had training with ian and while verifying the session, i took that! hehe are you motivated to join?

then after dinner, we, daddy, yau and me went for steamboat @ jalan ipoh. we left the other two ladies as they ate at home and went to gym late. the steamboat here is plain satisfaction and for fish ball lovers like me, eating here is like heaven. and when they finished gym the two other women called and complain that we didnt tag them along... heehee. and dad did not buy pao for them.. hehe

tempting huh?!

after months of long nails, and because my middle finger nail broke this morning, i decided to cut it. and as i cut, i felt this sore in my heart. hehe. crazy huh. now its short.. so sad.

short ugly nails

later at night, i was making noise about tau foo fa, and mom need to go bank. she asked me to unfold the fold money and i didn't, but that is what i did instead..

i think i look richer!
money fan?

and because dad was using the laptop and i got nothing to do after i took my bath, i did something. guess what i did.


make up half a face and see what is the difference. i guess you could spot the difference. no. i did not extend my eye lashes and i did not use a extension mascara. all i did was curl my lashes with the eyelash curler and apply mascara.
what i did to half of my face? first i apply paul and joe dual crayon eye liner. instantly, my eyes are brighter and bigger. then averine eye shadow that i got it free from mummy's shop. third, mascara. forth, stilla lip glaze lip gloss.

no foundation no powder as i hate the thick thick feeling.

with flash.. a closer look

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