Wednesday, October 24, 2007

this that this that

from nicolekiss and kenysia's blog, who make the first move first. bla bla bla. at first i am very sure that no matter who makes which move it don't really mind to me. but after that incident. bull shit. 13 days to my birthday, i even have a countdown on my white board. so what? it don't meant anything now. for the past 4 years, my birthday, 6th November is nothing. heart breaks by heart breaks. why must it always be on my birthday? why? i really thought that birthday will be good this year since 10th October. i thought that my life will change. for fucks. it didn't changed at all. what i get? nothing.. nothing but a heartache. ridiculously aiming for fucks. one sentence, i really want my freedom. kaninia like that also can? chee bai lor. then i say i need to die one day, i don't want to be with you. haha. no wonder so many stupid girls commit suicide. buahaha

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