Friday, October 5, 2007


its almost 2.30 when we've finally decided to get our arse back home. after sending sayaka baack we drove ourself home. but we dare not go down. because of the stupid red car outside our house. remembered once we heard this girl shouting very loud. so we on the light and the car drove off. we were going round and round our area and the car is still there. i so want to sleep! in the end, we went to taipan to waste some time. saw a police in front of mcd. and told them to come check. we decided to run in the house. came to my room, thought i m safe. but i dont feel safe now. and i dare not sleep. it is darn scary. what if he climb up my house? what if he kill us? what if... omg. i should stop thinking now... eeeeyer...

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