Friday, October 12, 2007

pavilion kl

located in the heart center of kl.. ok. not that heart center. rephrase it to the almost everyday jam route in kl, there born a shopping complex named pavilion. first impression of it is sophisticated. but not actually. it was ok. its is just everything under one roof. and i m so loving this place. Jco donuts.. yum yum. so crowded... didnt manage to get hold any of them. most of the shop in pavilion are international brand. which make this place special.. =) because we went there quite late, i didnt manage to shop much and walk much. i only bought a tee.

Louis vuitton opposite pavilion
parkson@ pavilion
the interesting wall design of tag heuer
the center court
and the giant stairs
the parking ticket.

as you can see. we were there for a while only. and we paid rm4 for parking. the lady before us paid rm28. wth?

overall this place is nice. i m so going back for more. unfortunately, i didnt get any snapshots of the front facade and didnt manage to find juicy couture. when we came out of the parking only i saw the big big juicy couture beside burberry. i heart this place!

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