Thursday, October 4, 2007

2.11 am

its been a long day. went for personal training and came back. tired like hell. but still manage to get sayaka a hot choc. cause i thought she is having her period. but she is not. she is the one and only friend that is the closest to me now. since college life started, me, sayaka, sha sha and tracy seperated. i really miss the good old days. wonder why i go out late at night or spending more and more time with her? cause she is leaving for Japan next year. i really dont want her to go. we have a lot in common and we share almost everything together. friend are precious. i dont neglect friends.. you guys are the most precious thing that god gave me.. =) thanks guys! and to all my friends out there, if i've offended you in any way, i m sorry! i am really sorry. i know that when i started my last relationship i sort of neglected u guys. i m so sorry! love u guys a lot! *muaks*

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