Sunday, September 9, 2007

song review. -ai chuo

“wo chong lai mei xiang guo,
Wo hui xhe yang zhuo,
Chong lai mei ai guo, Suo yi ai chuo…
wo cong na li qi fei cong na li jiang luo
duo shao bu neng yuan liang de cuo que bu neng chong lai guo”

i never expected I will do this,
never been in love before, that’s why i love wrongly…
from where I start, I will stop there,
the mistake I did that is unforgivable will not start again.

“zai zhe shao le ni de shi jie..Wo
zhao bu hui na xie gan jue qi shi wo bu xiang gao bie..na xie guo qu”

I cant the feeling I lost in this world without you, I don’t want to say goodbye to all those memories…

Wang lee hom, ai chuo… in English, wrong love…

It’s been quite some time since I last hear this song till we sang it in neway the other day. This song is meaningful to me. It ‘mengcungkil’ past memories of my life. Guess this song is asking us to appreciate. I wasn’t a person that appreciated my parents.. but now, I know how much they mean to me. Being the only child of the family is lonely, but at the same time I get what I want. Mom has always supported me no matter I am happy or sad. I started appreciating my parents more.. ever heard a sentence from my uncle, “if u don’t respect your parents, you are nobody, even you are the richest person, it mean nothing.” I guess it’s true.. I m no longer a kid, 3 more years, I will officially be an adult… *sigh* I’ve changed a lot after secondary school and after a bad relationship, but one thing that I didn’t change at all is the way I treat my parents.. I think its time for me to grow up, my parents gave me the best, so I m gonna give them twice the best from me.

After that entire incident, no one is closer to me, except my mom. She really comforted me and brought me to places to make me happier. I swear I will not make her upset anymore. I will be a good grown up, I hope its not too late.

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