Saturday, September 29, 2007

not just a typical friday

there goes. as i mention in the earlier post. kien hoe asked me to follow him to the gathering. and yes, i went with him. i was lying down on the bed and i received a phone call.
he: i come now ah
me: oh ok la. how long u will reach?
he: bout 20 mins la

then i jumped out my bed and stone for a while. i mean how the hell you want me to get ready in 20 minutes time? haha. so we were on the way there. jam like hell. we reached at 6.30. i thought dinner is at 7,but unfortunately, dinner is at 8. so we are like an hour and a half early. went window shopping. and sat down at paddington house of pancake for a drink. but sadly, time pass so slow. then we waited outside fridays and standing there for like an hour? as usual, i am not a patient person compared to kien hoe. first thing first i dont know any of them. mom called. said she is going to reach. i dont know how long i need to wait. so i ended up ffking right into his face? i guess. i guess he might be upset. but i think its better ffking than losing temper right? sorry kien hoe... once again.

waited for mom and dadd at the coffee shop beside naf naf. i think its the royale bintang coffee house. i dont know the name. and we walked to tony roma's for steak. but sadly we are on waiting list. waited like 20 mins and wtf. they let the next person in instead of us. i was so furious. but dad say he is hungry, so we skipped tony roma's.

i am so craving for steak now.... the steak in tony roma's is fantastic. yum yum. i am so loving it!

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