Friday, September 28, 2007


i have a sweet tooth. and whenever i finish my meal, i need something sweet. or else i'll feel imperfect. and the highest consequences is that i will get paranoid. cupcakes so drive me crazy occasionally. i googled cupcakes. and i saw this. bisou. a shop of cupcakes, sinfully rich brownies, moist carrot cake and giant-size soft cookies. its plain paradise to me! i mean. cupcakes cupcakes and more cupcakes. dont it makes u crazy??! it works to me.. and for those clubbing kaki's what is nicer than having ur desert after sweating in the club? its definitely a place that you can enjoy, sit and talk.

imagine those cupcakes in a box with a happy birthday or i love you. argh it so nice! after seeing that, i thought that my birthday wish will be having the cupcakes in those box with happy birthday in it. something like this..
amasing huh... buahaha cant wait till my birthday!

contact details
a: Bisou Bake Shop, asian heritage row, 58 jalan doraisamy, 50300 KL
t: +603.2697.0131
w: www.bisou.com.my

operating hours
mon, tue, wed, thu, sun : 9am – 11pm

fri & sat : 9am - 2am

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