Friday, June 1, 2007

secret recipe

from wikipedia, lasagna means a dish made with alternate layers of pasta, cheese and meat sauce. it origin from italy. yumyum lasagna.. too sad that yee mei actually dont like lasagna. hehe damn weird rite... a person that dont like cheese.... damn sad for her... she missed out so much... hehe.. went to secret recipe with mei mei for lunch and guess what we ate... hehe... so full after eating our lunch... its been a long time since we sit down on a table and talk lots and lots of craps!! haha and oh my... i really dont know what's with me and oreo... i ordered oreo cheese and oreo shake... i feel so oreo after all that... sweet tooth...

yum yum oreo shake!
yee mei's carrot cake...
my oreo cheese
yee mei's spagetti... so boring... keke
yee mei's end result of spagetti
my lasagna
end result of lasagna keke yummy
yee mei's end result of distorted cake!!!
so nice... hehe looks like some fairy flying...

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